Sanhua (Zhejiang Sanhua Co.) is a market leader in the research and manufacture of Control components for the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry (Home, Commercial and Automotive). With more than 30 years of expertise Sanhua has gone from a local (Zheijian, CN) manufacturing company to a global key supplier in the industry. This development stage has lead Sanhua Holding Group to reach significant achievements such as 60% of the global market share for the 4way reversing valves making Sanhua the key supplier to the main AC manufacturers around the world. Among the achievements for Sanhua is becoming the international leader of climate intelligent control and energy saving components for the industry. Achieving 10 billion CNY in sales (1,3 billion us$) with more than 100m valves produced per year. Sanhua acquired Ranco (Invensys controls valves division) during 2007 and in 2011 acquired the valves division from Aweco (a leading German manufacturer in home appliances components). Sanhua Holding was listed as one of the TOP 100 CN most important companies in 2010.
Sanhua has also developed for the Volt e-car (the first GM total electric car) the most efficient components in the world (Thermostatic expansion valve) for the car´s air conditioning system.
Now Sanhua is developing a European distribution network in order to support the after sales market, we consider the RAC award the right event to support our activity.

"This year Sanhua is focused on developing the European distribution network and is considering its participation in the RAC awards as a good opportunity in order to expose our brand and products in the UK market."

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